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Black Belt Class

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WTSDA Region 22 Black Belt Class and Testing Requirement

Students who wish to test for black belt in Region 22 must show a commitment to high-level training by regularly attending the official Region 22 Black Belt classes.

To test within the minimum time in rank requirement of WTSDA, a student will need to participate in a minimum of 50% of the classes since their last test.

Current rank: Testing for: Minimum time in rank required by WTSDA: Black belt classes needed since last test:
Cho Dan Bo (blue belt) Cho Dan (1st degree black belt) 6 months 6 classes
Cho Dan (1st degree black belt) E Dan (2nd degree black belt) 2 years 12 classes
E Dan (2nd degree black belt) Sam Dan (3rd degree black belt) 3 years 18 classes
  • Attendance will be tracked starting in 2023 but attendance requirements for black belt testing will not be enforced until Spring 2024
  • Those testing for E Dan (2nd degree black belt) or Sam Dan (3rd degree black belt) in 2024 will be credited with one or two years of classes, respectively, but must attend the 2023 minimum number of classes (6)

Black Belt Class Registration

Students will be required to register for the yearly program using our Jotform App

Students will also need to register for each class they plan to attend using the Jotform App.

Note: Students are welcome to attend classes in any zone they would like (Eastern, Central, or Western).

Black Belt Class Fees

Classes can be paid on a per class basis ($10/class) or an unlimited pass that will cover all the classes for the year ($50/year).

  • This fee is used to pay for the Region’s liability insurance necessary to cover the classes.
  • Paying for the year allows unlimited class attendance at any zone (Eastern, Central, or Western).
  • Paying per class only covers that class, even after a student has attended five classes.

Black Belt Class Locations

Eastern Zone at Appalachia Tang Soo Do

  • Moshannon Valley YMCA, 113 N. 14th Street, Philipsburg, PA 16866

Central Zone at River Valley Tang Soo Do Academy

  • 625 Merchant Street, Ambridge, PA 15001

Western Zone – To be determined

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